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I put my blood sweat and tears into these you know how hard these things take!?
:iconepicstareplz: :iconultimatehighplz: :iconfacepalmplz:




If your stuff is on my wishlist, you will be honored, and I love your art!



Reference Sheet
Meet Hava! (Bio Unfinished) by MyseriousMystogan
Aaron : Reference by MyseriousMystogan
Everything you see in here is descriptive, if possible, you can give me an earlier reference sheet. I will make it as descriptive as possible. Just tell me how much you want on it and stuff.



  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Eine Kleine
  • Watching: Me type this journal
  • Drinking: Water
Is anyone a good tech expert especially with cameras
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Eine Kleine
  • Watching: Me type this journal
  • Drinking: Water
[/]you meow/bark to get attention. 
[x] you find pets toys amusing. (squeakers4lyf////)
[ ]you get hyper by the smell of catnip.
[ ] you growl/hiss when someone gets too close to your food.
[x] you growl/hiss when someone you dislike is too close to you.
[x] you purr/shake your leg when someone shows you affection. (Yesss )
[x] if someone tosses a ball, you chase it and bring it back.
Total: 4.5

[x] you love to be scratched behind the ear. 
[x] you love fish/meat. (FYYYYYSHSHSHSHSHHH hhHhhhhh///)
[x] you like to stick your head out through the window of a moving car. (you have no idea)
[x]you like when people pet your head.
[/] people can make you stop doing stuff by hitting you on the nose with a newspaper. (owchy... smacks back* wtf are you doing dude *does the thing still*))
[ ] you think feathers are fun to play with.
Total: 9

[ ] you sleep a lot during daytime. (god i wished)
[x] you enjoy scaring birds. (is that bad?)
[ ] you lick peoples faces to show you like them. (ewwwww)
[ ]you bite people if they annoy you. (no...)
[ ] you tend to steal food from your friends/family's plate when you have eaten all of yours. (but i do eye it down)
[/] milk or water is your favorite drink. 
Total: 10.5

[ ]you own a collar and you enjoy wearing it. (iwysh///)
[ ] you own a leash and enjoy wearing it. (stahp)
[x] you own animal ears/tail/paws or a fursuit. (a really dirty tail and some handmade ears)
[ ]you enjoy long walks in the park. (walks make me tired)
[x] you meow/bark when you see something you want. (nyaaaaaaaa)
Total: 12.5

[/] you call your hands and feet "paws". (sumtimes but sometimes i stay true to others)
[x] you tilt your head when you do not understand what someone is talking about
[/] you run to the door when someone mentions a walk. (okay i know i said that i didn't like it but if i'm REAAAALLY bored, 'll do it then)
[x] you really enjoy cuddling. (give me all your cuddles!!!)
[x] you stretch your body and whimper a bit every morning when you wake up. (i also shake my leg c: [look above])
[x] you can wake up and go back to sleep right away after looking around.
Total: 17.5

[/] you have your favorite spot besides your bed where you like to sleep. (not really but recently we had a couch with a pull out sofa so thats where i sleep sometimes sorta c: )
[ ] you meow or bark very often.
[x] you hide when you get scared.
[x] you run to the door to see who it is every time someone comes in to the house.
[x] you like to chase flying insects and try to catch them with your bare hand.
[x] you tend to chew on stuff a lot.
[ ]you like to do tricks to get a treat.
Total: 22

[x] you own a wearable item/tag with your name on it. (lanyard c: )
[x] you refer to yourself as an animal. (fawks!!! :D )
[ ] your username has something to do with animals. (not exactly)
[ ] your e-mail has something to do with animals. (aww heck to the no)
[/] if you get a bleeding wound, you lick it to make it feel better. (lick it or whip it do get the rest off and then bandage it)
[x] you look for edible stuff often.
Total: 25.5

[x] you often find yourself looking through the window for a long time. (looks out window longingly* sey whut?)
[ ] you like to say hi to strangers. (yey for social anxiety)
[ ] you like to be petted when you have done something good.
[ ] people think you act like a pet.
[/] you growl/hiss at stuff you do not like. (not exactly like a growl or a hiss, kinda like a groan or an ugh)
[ ] you like to eat grass. (WHO IN THE HECK LIKES TO EAT GRASS?!)
[x]if you get wet, you shake to get rid of the water.

Final total: 28

Take your score and multiply it by 2

~I'm 56% Furry~
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Eine Kleine
  • Watching: Me type this journal
  • Drinking: Water
Has anyone ever eaten raw sushi?

i have a question to ask you good sir/ma'am
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Eine Kleine
  • Watching: Me type this journal
  • Drinking: Water
Is anyone a good tech expert especially with cameras


MyseriousMystogan has started a donation pool!
1,405 / 10,000
Hello there! This is a little donation pool you can do for fun. Here are some prizes you can get by donating!

5 ~ Sketch
10~ Drawing (not colored)
20~ Drawing (colored)
50 ~ TF story request with drawing (not colored)
100 ~ 2 of the 7
200 ~ A mention on my journal and free draws/stories for 2 months

Or you can just do it for fun if you don't want anything. If you have no points then you can ask me for a request but you wont get these cool features

There you have it! And now some meme's!
:iconultimatehighplz: :icontrololoplz: :iconofcourseplz: :iconoooohplz: :iconlawlolawlplz: :iconoriginallarryplz: :icon0u0plz:

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Just your average day blue fox here. What's so surprising? Anyway thank you for visiting my site, i would very much appreciate a watch, fav, and a llama plz. thank you and have a nice day.

ID By: :iconZombieTiny:


People that are awesome and that are very best friends on this site: :iconWolf-Prince-Leon:, :iconSpinland-The-Sixth:, :iconChamploon:, :icontazila808:, :iconGinTheWerewolf:, :iconpokezombie:, :iconunderclassdreamer:, :iconChocolatesundae123:, :iconSupraHunter:, :iconrot-graustufen:, :iconWTFgamer:, :iconcorbynprower:, :iconDrawLiekMad:, :iconKellyn87:, :iconshadowraiwolf09:, :iconpaintedpeaches:, :iconSinzuTheGreat:, :iconMrDrawinglover:

I do request so if you want one ask away!

What I'm good at drawing:

Other weird crap....
Here's what i take as stories go:


What i dont take:
Alien/ weird stuff
inanimate objects

Here's what i do:

TF Stories, mostly

thats about it so don't be afraid to ask


Character to Regirock TF (now a collab) ~ :icond12345t: :bulletyellow:

Project Script:

Alex and Bradley hanging out


:bulletred: - havent started
:bulletblue: - just started/in the making
:bulletyellow: - on hold
:bulletpink: - slot

If your request is off my list or gone, it' means they're done.


I have started a DA family, anyone who wants to be a part of it, just ask.

Father: :iconSupraHunter: !

Mother: :iconNolhyaa:

Wolf (Therian) Brother - :iconSpinland-The-Sixth:

Infernape Brother - :icontazila808:

Blaziken Brother - :iconChamploon:

Anthro Wolf Brother - :iconWolf-Prince-Leon:

Pet turtle :iconMikkiMowsey:

Armaldo Sistah! :iconLeAwkwardPenguin:

That weird kid over there making a O3O face :iconaaaacccc24:

Typhlosion Brother! - :iconTony-Typhlosion:

Kitsune Brother! - :iconcorbynprower:

Anthro German Shepard Brother - :iconKellyn87:

Wolf/Dog Anthro Brother - :iconshadowraiwolf09:

Werewolf Uncle - :iconKitsuKyo:

Awesome Oriental Dragon Big Bro - :iconKettouRyuujin:

Dragonair Naga Cousin - :iconMrdrawinglover:

Human Brother - :iconSpriteRabbid1687:

Cute Anthro Cat Lil' Brother - :iconunderclassdreamer:

Naga Step brother - :iconZayata:

Fennekin Brother! - :iconAuraGuardianVincent:

Pet Kyuubei - :iconshadowwind900:

Hyperactive foxailed nephew - :iconRoflyStudios:
My Custom: Made by :devLynx-paw:


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